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Avocet Staffing Ltd is a Recruitment business and we like to give something back.
When things are relevent, we’ll share them with you through this blog.



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How to Change Your Career Path

Many people will experience a point in their lives where they suddenly stop and think ‘this is not the career for me’. Of course, it doesn’t always happen suddenly. Sometimes the thought takes years to develop before you realise that you want to change your career...

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5 Ways to Remain Focused At Work

Do you find it difficult to concentrate at work? Or perhaps you’re working (mostly or fully) from home and are finding it distracting? Most people struggle with staying focused now and then, and generally it is not something that should be seen as concerning. Loss of...

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Why you should become our partner

At Avocet Staffing, we are always on the lookout for new partnerships. We love working with local business and helping teams grow and prosper. We would like to tell you a little bit about what partnering with us will guarantee for you and the steps it involves.  ...

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Advantages for jobseekers:

  • Free Advice
  • Short Actionable chunks of infomation
  • They’ll make you more employable
  • Uncover new Job Opportunities

Advantages to Clients

  • Advice on how to get the best out of your relationship with us.
  • Hints on onboarding new employees
  • Advice on available resources
  • legislative updates