Remote Interviews Are The Solution You’re Looking For

Over the last year, face-to-face interviews have been out of question for most companies due to the ongoing pandemic. Thankfully, we are lucky to be living at a time of great technological advances and innovation, which help us stay connected and thrive through difficult times using remote technologies.

One example is a fantastic remote recruitment tool that will allow you to have a smooth and efficient recruitment process online! Why stress about the logistics of in-person interviews when you can do an interview from the comfort of your own home instead?

Take a look at the video introducing the app here.

Maintain your recruiting momentum using video interviewing technology and experience benefits you won’t get elsewhere:

  • Virtual interview rooms
  • Conduct and record interviews with parties’ consent
  • Set up solo and group interviews
  • Questions for candidates to answer in their own time
  • Pick out most suitable candidates from an interactive shortlist page
  • View candidate’s CV and other documents in one place

Thanks to industry leading software, your business does not have to slow down. Pandemic or not, vacancies still need to be filled. Keep moving forward and achieve your goals using remote interviews!

Think of all the time and money you can save by opting for online interviewing instead of face-to-face. No travel expenses, no time nor effort needed to book a room. With video interviewing technologies, you will gain more flexibility, and of course, it’s the best solution available to keeping everyone safe during the pandemic!

Furthermore, usually you will know within the first few minutes whether the candidate is the right person for the role, while in face-to-face interview you can’t stop an interview, using an online platform allows you to evalate all candidates faster.

Times are moving forward, your approach should too. Keep up with the recent technology and make your recruitment process easier using video interviewing.

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